Cybrary’s content ranges from on-demand video courses to hands-on labs and practice tests. As an Org Owner and Admin, how can we effectively send it to our users? The answer is curriculums. 

Curricula are the subjects comprising a course of study in the form of video courses, practice labs, and practice labs. Once a curriculum is designed it can be assigned to your whole organization, a group of Members or an individual Member. 

How do I Create a Curriculum?

  1. Navigate to Curricula
  2. Click New Curriculum
  3. Enter a Curriculum Name, Description, and Estimated Days to Complete
  4. Click Add Item to open the Cybrary catalog and add desired content. 
  5. When complete, select Save

Note: After you select “Save”, you’ll be asked, “Would you like to assign this curriculum to your team members?” To do this select “Assign Curriculum”. Otherwise, select “Back to Curricula”.  

Now that you have successfully created the curriculum, get it assigned to your team! Check out How to article on Creating an assignment.

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