Rangeforce is a cloud based gamified learning space that is focused on real life hands-on practical learning experience.

  • Accessible Anywhere - you can learn anywhere at any time using our cloud based virtual environment.
  • Real Life Based Scenarios - up-to-date practical hands-on materials created by various field professionals.
  • Adaptive Learning - make the most out of your learning experience by covering  new topics you're not familiar with and leave out things you already know.
  • Monitor Your Progress - compare your learning progress with your friends, co-workers and other learners in the system with our user progress monitor.
  • Plan Your Future - customized learning path so that you could plan your career path and prioritize learning steps.

Rangeforce is meant for anyone who is interested in developing their professional skills in the cyber security and IT field in general. Selected courses vary in level of complexity and depth which makes it suitable for both beginners and industry veterans.

You can find Rangeforce in your Catalog by selecting the "Lab" check box. See below for more about navigating the catalog below: 

Find more on Rangeforce here.

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