Organization Owner - an Organization Owner is the user (or users) that has complete control over the team. They can:

  • Invite members to the team and remove existing ones
  • Manage user licensing to determine who has access to content included with Cybrary for Business¬†
  • Can create and demote organization wide admins

This user also has all of the functionality of the below Organization Admin role.

Organization Admin - an Organization Admin has the ability to manage users across the organization. They can:

  • View a list of all users that are part of the organization
  • Invite new members
  • Create, delete, and manage groups including add & removing members
  • Create, edit, and delete curriculums for the organization
  • Create and edit assignments for the entire organization or specific groups
  • View reporting organization wide

Reporting Admin - a Reporting Admin has the ability to report on all users within an organization. This includes assignment reporting, "Reports by User", and "Reports by Content". 

Group Admin - A Group Admin has many of the same abilities as an Organization Admin, but only over the group they are an admin of. They can:

  • View a list of all group members
  • Invite users to their group and remove existing ones
  • Create and edit assignments ONLY for their group's members
  • View reporting ONLY for the member of their group

Organization/Group Member - These roles are "standard" users. They can have access to all of the premium enterprise content but do not have any user/curriculum/assignment management privileges, and cannot access any reports.

For a complete breakdown of user privileges, please reference the chart below: 

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