As one of our vendor partners, Practice Labs provides hands-on, virtual labs that will help prepare you for a variety of industry and application certifications.

We have made a few updates to improve your learning experience as you work through these labs:

1. Progress Data for Practice Labs

What this means: Previously, Cybrary could only track completion of the entire lab, not the sections that make up the lab called modules. With this update, we can now track that progress, providing you with an accurate representation of what you've completed. We have synced historical data to ensure any Practice Labs lab enrollment has been updated with this partial completion progress.

2. Practice Labs can be separated by "module"

What this means: Being tied to industry certifications, Practice Labs labs are often long in duration (sometimes over 20 hours in total duration. Cybrary now has the ability to split these up within our courses. Instead of needing to launch the entire lab, you will only need to work through the specific set of exercises before moving on through the rest of the course.

Try this out with in-demand certifications like the CISSP & CEH!

You can still enroll in the entire lab. Your progress data in that case will appear under " My Courses" under your "My Enrollments" section, and be denoted as a Practice Labs lab.

3. Practice Labs are now launched by module

What this means: As noted above, you will only launch one set of lab exercises at a time, instead of the entire lab in its entirety. In order to complete the lab, you will need to launch each "module" (set of exercises). Since these labs are very rarely completed in one sitting, it will be easier to pick right back up where you left off!

This does mean that you will no longer be able to move around within the lab as a whole, and to other Practice Lab labs. This ensures a streamlined user experience, and that we have accurately captured your progress.

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