Effective May 2020, Cybrary will remove our lab provider Range Force's content from our catalog, here are some FAQ's you may have about this. Please feel free to email support@cybrary.it if you have any further questions. 

Q: When will I have access to Rangeforce content?

A: Access to create a new enrollment in Rangeforce content will be disabled on April 20th. At that time, you will have 10 days to complete any existing enrollments. On April 30th, you will no longer be able to access any Rangeforce content, regardless of enrollment status.

Q: I’m currently enrolled in a Rangeforce lab; when do I have to complete it by?

A: You will have access to Rangeforce content you are currently enrolled in or content that is part of a career path or assignment until April 30th.

Q: How will I be able to develop my hands-on experience in the skills these labs covered?

A: Cybrary has alternative labs that cover the same concepts and skills from one or more vendor partners in our catalog to ensure you will be able to develop hands-on skills that are critical to developing your career in the Cybersecurity and IT fields.

Q: I’m in a Cybrary Career Path that has a Rangeforce item in it. What will happen?

A: The lab will be removed from the career path, and your progress automatically updated accordingly. There will be no other effects on your career path enrollment, and you will be able to proceed normally. Completed career paths will not be affected by these changes.

Q: I’ve assigned/been assigned a curriculum with a Rangeforce Lab in it. What will happen to my assignment?

A: The lab will be automatically removed from the assignment, and your progress updated accordingly. There will be no other effects on the assignment, and you will be able to proceed normally. Completed assignments will be not be affected by these changes.

Q: Why is Cybrary doing this?

A: Cybrary has added multiple new vendor partners to our catalog over the last few months. Because of this, there is an overlap in content in a variety of areas. We hope to simplify your experience while maintaining content coverage across different disciplines. 

Q: What does my Cybrary Insider Pro Membership/Cybrary for Business still offer?

A: Cybrary will continue to deliver over 1000 hands-on experiences, in addition to expert instructed courses, focused on providing you with high quality and engaging learning experience.

Q: My progress changed in my career path. Why did this happen?

A: Our team replaced Rangeforce labs with item(s) from our other providers to ensure all the requisite skills are available in our career paths. This additional item being added may have impacted your overall progress. Once you complete the new content item, your progress should return to where it was before this update. 

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